New environmental stewardship report

May 2016

53 people scientists and managers from 6 nations attended an NSF workshop in 2016. The workshop report sets out 10 recomendations to improve the effectiveness of the ASMA and ASPAs.  Visit the MCM LTER environmental stewardship page for access to the report and other related resources.

Management Group to meet

May 2017

The 40th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in in Beijing, China from 23 May to 1 June 2017 will provide an opportunity for the McMurdo Dry Valleys ASMA Management Group to get together.

Dry Valleys Rising Lake Levels


February, 2012

Lakes in the Dry Valleys are rising and threatening established field camps.

Long term monitoring of lake levels by the Long Term Ecological Research project are finding that the Dry Valleys have experienced a long term trend of warming. Due to the differences in topography between valleys, some lakes are rising at a faster rate than others, threatening the science camp facilities at these locations.

For the full story, refer to the Antarctic Sun website.

Copepods found in Lake Joyce

copepod side
March 22, 2011

A joint NZ-US research team working in the McMurdo Dry Valleys region of Antarctica has made a remarkable discovery.  Under the 5 metres of ice which covers Lake Joyce they have found evidence of an active population of freshwater copepods. These small crustaceans are common in temperate and tropical waters, and also occur in lakes on more northerly coasts of Antarctica, but breeding adults have never before been seen at such a southerly location.

For more information, read or download the press release here.

Scientists drill into frozen Lake Vida
March 11, 2011

The 2010-11 expedition was the third visit to Lake Vida in about 15 years by U.S. scientists interested in the lakes unique characteristics.
The team probed deep into the lake to learn more about its biology, chemistry and history. And, as one might expect when exploring such an alien environment, they turned up the unexpected.

For the full story, refer to the Antarctic Sun website.
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Snowy Rock

Wright Glacier and Labyrinth, from Mount Thor. © Andris Apse, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K211 07/08