Stations, Camps and Logistics
Scott tents in the Taylor Valley
US and NZ radio repeaters powered by solar panels and wind turbines, Mt Newall Facilities Zone
Seismic station, Mt Newall Facilities Zone. The equipment runs on wind and solar power with a diesel generator for backup.  The data contributes to the US Atomic Energy Detection System
Helicopter in the Dry Valleys
A Polarhaven on the eastern lobe of Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley
Lower Wright Hut Facilities Zone
Surveying Lower Wright Hut
Cape Roberts Camp
Cape Roberts Project Manager and Camp Assistant raking compacted soil as part of post-project clean up
Solar panel array, Lake Hoare Camp, Taylor Valley
Main building, Lake Hoare Camp (US)
LTER science laboratory at Lake Fryxell, Taylor Valley
LTER science laboratory at Lake Fryxell, Taylor Valley
Commonwealth Stream campsite showing tents
Field camp at Bull Pass
Shelter at Bull Pass
Support staff from the NZ Defence Force outside Vanda Huts (NZ), Wright Valley
Vanda Huts (NZ)
Vanda Huts (NZ)
Camp at Lower Wright Glacier




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