Sediment coring on Lake Vanda, Wright Valley
Downloading and processing GPR data from SIR 2000 system in Polarhaven tent at Commonwealth Stream campsite
Collecting GPR data in braided stream channel of unnamed melt stream draining Wilson Piedmont Glacier, 1 km NW of Commonwealth Stream campsite
Ground penetrating radar survey of a whaleback dune
Scientist Allan Ashworth searching for fossils and other evidence of a tundra environment in the McMurdo Dry Valleys
Scientist from the University of Waikato takes samples of microorganisms that live off a mummified seal carcass in the Miers Valley
Science in Meirs Valley
BSNE wind-blown soil collector and the face of the Adams Glacier
Walking near the face of the Adams Glacier, Keyhole Lake
Opening a sampling hole in a meltwater pond on Diamond Hill in the Darwin region, January 2009
Mapping of the morphologies and topography in the McMurdo Dry Valleys using GPS with centimeter accuracy
Preparing an automated microelectrode profiler for deployment under ice at Lake Hoare
Deploying automated microelectrode profiler under ice at Lake Hoare
Garwood Valley
Microelectrode profiler deployed at the floor of Lake Hoare
Examining benthic sample from Lake Hoare
Benthic sample from Lake Hoare
The ENDURANCE (Environmentally Non-Disturbing Under-ice Robotic Antarctic Explorer) autonomous underwater vehicle to explore the ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys
Equipment being packed into a pulk for ‘manhauling’. ATV in background - these are allowed on lake ice and within facility zones.
Drilling a dive hole into the ice cover of Lake Hoare, McMurdo Dry Valleys




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