Ventifact boulder in the Taylor Valley
Wind sculpted rocks, Mt Falconer
Ripples of sand in the Wright Valley
Rock formations, Linneaus Terrace
A pyramid-shaped mountain in the Olympus Range
Mini pillars of dolerite on top of a large block of dolerite, Kennar Valley
Ventifact boulder in the Taylor Valley
Layers of strata alongside an ancient stream bank in the Garwood Valley
The Royal Society Range as seen from the Taylor Valley
Blocks of dolerite, Finger Mountain
Discussing the geology, East side Plane Table, Asgard Range
The Wright Valley labyrinth
Geologising at the Upper Wright locality, Asgard Range (Eastern end of section)
Geologist studying volcanic rock formations in the Coombs Hills
Geological study
Downloading data from a bore hole station that is measuring temperature at various depths down to 29 m located at Marble Point
Photographing the Ross Sea Drift glacial sediments exposed in Commonwealth Stream, New Harbour, Taylor Valley.
Drilling bedrock at Marble Point
Boulders near Lake Bonney Camp in the Taylor Valley
McMurdo Dry Valleys


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